Fundraisers on Hill AFB

Any private organization, unofficial activity, or individual wishing to raise funds on Hill AFB is required to coordinate their fundraiser through the 75th Force Support Squadron NAF Accounting Office. All fundraisers have to benefit Hill Air Force Base and all its employees, and there is a limit of 3 fundraisers per quarter through each organization.

Fundraising Informational Pamphlet  


Fundraising Instructions

Step 1 – Download and complete Staff Summary Sheet (SSS). Allow 15 days for approval process.

Step 2 – Coordinate and acquire signatures from MDG and AAFES as appropriate.

Step 3 – Take coordinated SSS to the NAFAO in building 180, room 200.

Step 4 – When contacted, please pick up the approved/disapproved SSS within 24 hours.

Step 5 – Keep a copy of the approved SSS at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Air Force and the Department of Defense has strict guidelines about fundraising. These questions and answers will help you follow the rules you may not have known applied to your organization and give you general knowledge on fundraising within private organizations and unofficial activities. Otherwise comply with AFI 36-3101, Fundraising in the Air Force.

Does my organization have to be a chartered PO (Private Organization) to conduct fundraising activities on base?

No. Approved UAs (Unofficial Activities) are also authorized to conduct fundraisers. However, AFI 34-223 requires your group to be one or the other.

What are Unofficial Activities?

Small unofficial activities (like coffee funds and other small operations) are generally not considered POs. However, if their current assets (which include cash, inventories, receivables, and investments) exceed a monthly average of $1,000 over a 3-month period, the activity must become a PO, discontinue on-base operations, or reduce its current assets below the $1,000 threshold.

How can my organization become a chartered PO?

The 75th FSS web site has instructions complete with samples. They can help you complete this package and forward it to 75 FSS/FSR NAFAO for coordination. The request is then forwarded through the chain up to the 75 MSG/CC for approval.

Once my organization becomes a UA or PO, how do I receive approval to conduct a fundraiser?

Submit a fundraising request form to the 75 FSS/FSR.


For more information concerning private organizations and fundraising on Hill AFB, please contact the NAF Accounting Office at (801)775-6793.

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