Jackpot Bingo

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January 27, 2019 14:00 - 18:00
The Landing
Phone: 801-777-3841
The Landing
Phone:(801) 777-3841
Address: 7420 W Miller Street Bldg. 450

It's JACKPOT BINGO at The Landing! Over $4,000 in CASH payouts with a $2,000 coverall JACKPOT game!! Doors open at 1200, card sales begin at 1300, and regular games begin at 1400! Featuring 10 regular games with $100 payouts! Plus the ever-popular ADD 'EM UP game! Two $500 games! And a $2,000 coverall jackpot! Bring a friend, grab your lucky charms, stock up on daubers, and come on out to The Landing for Sunday afternoon Bingo FUN!! Get ready to shout BINGO! The $2,000 winner could be YOU!

*Minimum of 100 players required for $2,000 Jackpot payout. $1,000 consolation payout if minimum players are not met.

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